1. In class with a professional English teacher (like me, ahem…).

2. In a café with a native speaker of English (not necessarily a teacher).

3. Living in a country where people speak English. Even Gibraltar would do, believe it or not.

4. Doing business in English. You learn when you need to.

5. Watching films and TV in English. Play with the subtitles in English and Spanish.

6. Repeating what the teacher says in class. Absolutely, he or she is always right. Ahem…

7. Keeping a notebook of new words. A little bit of good work won’t do you any harm.

8. Doing some English homework (writing or reading) very often. Yes, it’s possible!

9. Having lots of tests in class to help us remember. Come on, put a smile on that face…

10. Using a bilingual dictionary all the time. Hard but pretty effective.

11. Reading in English. Books, magazines, newspapers, blogs, webpages…

12. Speaking English to the other students in class. Why don’t you try?

“Are you talking to me?”