First things first

Hi there! This is a reminder for our first meeting at IES La Arboleda for CAL students, so we can set off for our learning journey at a good pace. The meeting will be held at classroom 215b, at 18:00 hours on Tuesday afternoon. New students from 1st CAL, 2nd CAL and 3rd CAL will meet their teachers for the year: Manuel Cascales for 1st CAL and 2nd CALAgustín J. Rodríguez for 3rd CAL.

We will also speak about the books and timetables. This course we have the same materials that we had the previous course, that is, NEW ENGLISH FILE(ElementaryPre-intermediate and Intermediate, respectively) and a slightly changed timetable if we think about last year’s.

We will still have our lessons the same two days every weekon Tuesdays and Thursdays. Our first stint starts at 16:20 and finishes at 18:35. We will have our 1st CAL lessons in this period. Then, 2nd CAL and 3rd CAL will share the same time spot, from 18:35 to 20:50.


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