3º CAL: Composition and Speaking.

Unit 1B, page 9, exercise 2. Homework for Thursday 21st October.

You have to write a composition (120 words) about the topics we’ve been talking about in class today. Choose a time you cheated (in an exam or in a sport/game), or a really exciting sports event you saw, or else a time you had an accident or got a sports injury. Remember that you will have to say your text for the rest of the class and that I won’t allow you to read, so you will have to know your essay. Thank you!


One thought on “3º CAL: Composition and Speaking.

  1. This is the best group, of course, and it is formed by Jorge González and Saray Domínguez.
    Here the activity’s solutions:

    The answer 1 is: a, b and c.
    The next answer is: a, TRUE.
    The third answer is: c.
    The answer 4 is: a, TRUE.
    The final answer is: a.

    The end.

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