P.I. 4º ESO and 1º Bachillerato: 1st term examination

Hi there. I have selected a bunch of TV commercials to prepare our speaking exam. Here you have them all:

George Clooney: In Heaven 1, George Clooney: In Heaven 2, George Clooney: In Heaven 3, What else? 1, What else? 2What else? 3What else? 4Martini 1Martini 2Martini 3Martini 4, Martini 5Mercedes, Outrageous, Chocolate bar, Moretti beer.

So, how is our exam going to be like? Well, these are the instructions:

– You have to watch and select one video commercial to be described.

– Then you have to either record a video with your description of the commercial, or come to the lesson, ready to perform your description in the class. You have to speak, not to read, O.K.?

– And remember that this exam deadline is for FRIDAY, 17th DECEMBER, at your normal lesson time,  in classroom 215b.

That’s all, folks!


2 thoughts on “P.I. 4º ESO and 1º Bachillerato: 1st term examination

  1. -At first there’s a child in the countryside with a Vodafone t-shirt who is playing football but he is alone. Suddenly he has an idea!
    The little boy goes to his home and prepares a romantic dinner for his parents. He cooks spaghettis, tries to open a wine bottle, lays the table cloth, puts beautiful flowers and candles. Then his parents arrive and he receives them.

    -His parents have dinner. Then he goes to bed, his parents are surprised because it is very early. After this he go to his parent’s room and gets warm light.
    Nine months later, he goes to a hospital, the go into his mother’s room, he doesn’t salute his mother. His parents are surprised again, then he checks that his little brother is a boy, he put his football boots over the baby, he smiles and he eats a candy bar.

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