A different approach to the Royal wedding

Graphic artist Lydia Leith has designed an unusual souvenir to mark the forthcoming royal wedding between Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

Her royal sickbag is designed as an antidote to the multiplicity of kitsch memorabilia being produced to mark the wedding on April 29.

We’ll use this BBC News video for our listening exercise today: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-12551726

And this is the activity: The Royal wedding sickbag


One thought on “A different approach to the Royal wedding

  1. Agustín these are our texts about the videos.

    The Ross’s problem
    Roy asks Moss the reason why he is going to the disabled toilet, Moss says that it is a parking space more and Roy says that it is illegal. Moss doesn’t think so. Then he goes into the toilet and when he finishes he pulls a rope but the water doesn’t come. It is because this is the emergency rope. After this, a few waiters appear and they ask to the “disabled” about. He answers that he is disabled. The waiters try to open the door and the boss says that they have to be faster. Then the people open the door and Moss is on the ground.

    The boss asks what happens, Moss says that he falls off the toilet and he is disabled. Then they sit upright him and the boss asks about his type of disabled, Moss says that he has a light disabled. Then the boss asks about his wheelchair and how he could get there, he answers that it was stolen and that he says that he doesn’t know respectively. Then the people carried his to the main door. Roy goes to the staff toilet. In the main door they get him a coffee, Moss says that he now is better. Then the waiters bring a new wheelchair, they sit him on the wheelchair and suddenly a policeman appears.

    The Royal wedding sickbag
    At first a man speaks about the wedding between the Britannic Prince William and Catherine Middleton and about the souvenirs. Then the graphic artist Lydia appears meanwhile she is doing a sick bag. Then, the man says that this idea is very popular in whole world and that this is a good form to do publicity.

    Then, she says that the sickbag can be blue or red, it was sold in Canada, USA and in others European countries. Then, a journalist asks people about the Royal wedding sickbag, the old people say that it is terrible and ugly, but the young people say that it is funny and that it is a good idea.

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