3º CAL: Final Exams


Hi, folks! This is a quick exam reminder for you. Remember that the Listening, Reading and Writing exam will be held next Thursday, 7th June, starting at 17:00 with the Listening part (two listenings, thirty minutes), then the Reading part (two readings, sixty minutes). We will have a thirty-minute break, to end with the Writing part (two writings, seventy-five minutes approx.).
Please, be punctual for the exam, especially for the Listening part, as I can’t repeat it as many times as we have done in practice. If you’re late, it’ll be a problem for both of us: you and me (but particularly you, I’m afraid…).
During the exam, we’ll assign the turns for the Speaking exam which will take place on the 9th June, just in case you still haven’t chosen yours. And please, don’t panic, because I’m sure that you’ll do it all right.
Let me thank you all in anticipation for this year’s work, you’ve been fantastic people to work with.

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