Welcome back to school, my friends

Well, this is it. We’re back to business. Another school year has started and new gates open just in front of our eyes. More than 1.300 students and about 100 teachers at IES La Arboleda are ready to share a new school year which will be full of papers, books, hopes, smiles, laughter, hard work and – hopefully not – some tears. I wish you all the best, teachers and students,  families and school staff, so we can all walk along the same path and get together to the same final destination.



17 thoughts on “Welcome back to school, my friends

  1. Hi Agustin,
    I am Rocío Parra of 2ºC. I hope to have a good year and that we can learn as much as possible.

  2. Hi teacher! Im Victoria Rodriguez Sanchez of 2ºC.Im thirteen years old, I have got one brother he is Javier Rodriguez he has sixteen years old.My birthday is the 15 of september. I like volleyball and swiming. Bye,Bye teacher!.

  3. hi, my name is Rafael and mi hobby is ride my horse, my horse’s name is Legendario and my family have got 5 persons that are: me, my brother Abel, my sister Manuela, My mother manuela and my father Rafael and my favourite subjet is english well, good bye! =D

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