Hello, 2ºC and 2ºD!

Hello, boys and girls! Remember that I told you to have a look at my blog and leave a comment? Ok, here is the article for you. But there are some more instructions for you to follow. Here is your written homework for next Monday:

You have to write a composition about you and your family, including these data: your name, your age, people in your family, place where you live, things that you like or dislike, favourite subjects at school, etc.

You can write about anything you like, with a maximum of 100 words. Then, you have to send me the composition, leaving it on the field for comments.

Thank you for visiting my blog, kids!


86 thoughts on “Hello, 2ºC and 2ºD!

    1. Hi, my name is Jesus.I live in Lepe. I have got 12 years.I have got one brother.I likes sports but me favorite sport is football.

      1. hi,my name is Jesus Revuelta Camacho.My birthday is on 8th december and I´m 12.I live in Lepe.I am one brother,her name is Juan Francisco.I likes sports but my favorite sport is football. I dislike dance.I likes the animals,the lion,the cat,the dog,the tiger,the leopard…I dislike the frogs,the gecko and the mouse.My favorite color is red.My favorite subject are English and French.

    2. Hello teacher,mi name is David Muriel.I like the English,They learn much English hope
      with you that are very good a greeting and good night.

    1. hellou i´m emil from bulagaria .I has got forteen age .In my fameli has got a three peoples
      and my . I living in lepe is citi from huelva .I like cars but my favorite cars is american clasic car :pontiak gto , mustag fastback , mustang shelbi gt 500, and chevrolet chevelle ss , I like music and p.e bat my favorite is french and inglesh .
      my brother is skinned some my mather I am brown some my dad

    27 de septiembre
    hello teacher I think wait the class of English is very important.

  2. Hello teacher Agustin. My name is Marta Prieto. I live in Lepe. I have got 14 years. I have got two sister.Bye, Bye teacher.

  3. Hello, my name is Caramel, I have fourteen years. I live in a city of Huelva Lepe, salamanca street number sixty-first

  4. Hello Agustín! My name is Isabel Roldan. I’m 13 years old and my birthday is the 19 of May. I have one brother and he name’s Jose Alberto. I live with my mother and my father but also live with my grandparents. I like the volley, the ride of horses, the badminton and the natation. I don’t like the basketball and the football. Bye Bye.

  5. hello i’m Leandra Schaber. I’m 12 years old. I live in Pinares de Lepe. My birth is on the 14th of October . I live with my mum, my sister, my grandfather, my grandmother and my two dogs. The names of my dogs are Susi and Toby. I love animals. Ihate when they mistreat animals. My hobbies are play the piano, read books and go horse ridding. Sometimes I write stories too. I like listening to music. My favorite singer is Lady Gaga but i like clasic usic, rapa and rock too. I don’t mind listening pop music but this is not my favorite. I begin play the piano when y was 7 years old. My favorite subjects are Mathematics, English, French and Music.
    THis is my text and I ope you like it. Bye. Have a nice weekend 🙂

    1. Sorry I have some errors. I hate* (line 3), rap* (line 6), hope* (line 9)
      I correct my errors right now. Sorry but Before i reply the text I don’t saw the errors. 🙂

  6. Hello,I´m Veronica Fuentes.I´m 13 years old.I live in Lepe.My birthday is on the 28th of February.I live wiht my mum,with my dad and with my brother.I loves play volleyball,dance,read,doing a picture,run,write,study,listen to the music and go horse ridding.I write poems and historys.I don´t like play computer games and art.My favourite subjects are English,languaje,maths,P.E.,natural sciences and social sciences.
    Bye,bye teacher.

  7. Hello teacher, I´m Adrián Cordero. I´m 13 years old , i live in Lepe I have got one brother and one siyster. I like handball, ride bike, listen to music and play computer games, i don´t like ride horse.
    My favourite subjects are Maths, English and P.E. Good bye teacher


    Hello, I´m Jesùs. I live in Lepe. I`m 13 years old.Live with my mather, my father and my brother. My birthday is the 7 of March. My brother is Jose Luis. I like sports, the school , the animals and study. I don`t like Plastic education and the exams. I have got a cat his name is Yasmin. My favourite subject is French, English, Mathematics, lenguges and physic education. Bye bye

  9. Hello my name is a handsome youth and I have twelve years my this family composed by my mother my father and my sister and brother.
    My interests are wing plays ball, to see TV, to sing occasionally. But of major qui ero to be auxiliary of nurse or but I want to be a doctor.
    I have a site to study and to make almost all the día the duties step it is as that to the days I have duties.
    In my moments free I like to play to him ple to them game of ball basketball etc well this is what I do in my free moment bye teacher

  10. Hello!, I´m Rocío and I´m 12 years old. I live in La Antilla-Lepe with my mum, my dad and my brother.My birthday is in 24 of December. I love music, the animals and go to the cinema. My fauvorite colour is green. I like french and english. I don´t like the exams. Good bye!

  11. Hello teacher I am Manuel Jesus Oria Marín, am 13 years old, called alive in lepe. Calle/Rompido, Portal 4, down b.
    I like your classes voi to hechar account in your classes from aora and main desire that we do out-of-school excursions the whole class united because asin believe that sera mas entertained….
    Also I want that we go out to the court to play…
    I want that you explain the classes as even aora of good.

  12. Hello Mr. Agustín ,I `am juan .I live in Lepe .I ´m fourteen year odl .My like sudjet is F.E and I likes
    swimint and ride a bike

  13. hello teacher my name is juan manuel guerrero barroso. I live in lepe (huelva). My nickname is guerrero in english is warrior. my birthday is in february. I have got 2 sister and 1 brother. My sisters name is a: isabel and chari and name the my brother is a antonio. My favorite spor is a handball. I have a girlfriend. I like play the video game, listen to music and english because is important for future. my subjest favorite is: history mathematisc and english. I’m going to fire because is short for the 100 words bie agustin

  14. Hi teacher i´m Jesús Dacosta Buceta I have 13 years old.
    I live in Lepe, street Santa María number 75.
    My nickname is Xexu.My birthday is in April two.
    My favorite sport is a Volleyball. My fovourite subjects are Physical Education and English.
    I have a brother and a sister. I like listening to music, my fovourite song is Good Looking.
    Their subject is very interesting to me because English is also very important to our future.
    A big greeting: Jesús Dacosta.
    Goodbye Agustin.

  15. Hello my name is Ronald I have 12 years old . I live in Lepe,my birthday is 19 november I live with my parent, my three sisters and my brother,I like play football,cycling and play the computer game,I like not play volleyball, my favorite subject are maths english french and sciences naturals

  16. Hello ¡, I am Rocío Parra. I am thirteen years old. My birth is on the 12th of May. I am from Lepe. I live with my parents and my sisters. My favourite subject is Physical Education and English. I don´t like do karate. The names of my sisters are Victoria and Lucía. The names of my parents are Caye and Luís. Ilike play voley but I prefer play handball. My hobbies are read and play handball. I love rabits.
    Goodbye Agustin.

  17. Hi¡ Agustín i´m Ivan,I birth in Ceuta my family life in Lepe with me, my favourite subject is P.E, E.P.V don´t like,I´m 13 years old, I like an animals,I dislike a basketball.I play handball in my free time, I study very hard but I do not extract the note that I wish.I finally homeworks and play with my friends a football,then study,then I diner and finally I go to bed at eleven o´clock.

  18. Hello, I´m Diana of 2ºC. I am 12 years old and my birthday is the 12th of October. I am from Portugal but I live in Campo de Golf. I live with my mum and my pets. My mum´s name is Maria jose, and my pets are a dog , her name is Linda, and a cat , his name is Copito. I like play computer games, sports, dance, meet with my friends, wacht TV…etc. The sports I like are voley, handball,swimming, tennis and badminton. My subject favourite are Naturals science, Socials science and English. I love animals and children. 🙂
    Bye Agustin !!

  19. Hello teacher I am María Candel Arques.
    I live with my parents and my brother Josep.I am thirteen years old. I like the horse riding , the swimming… My favourite subject is English, Français and Physical education.I don’t like the judo , karate… My hobbeis are read and paint . The names of my parents are María Reyes and Cristobal . I have a dog your name is Chiqui.

    Goodbye teacher.

  20. Hello victoria. I have brown hair and eyes brown . temgo tweteen year ols . Is in E.S.O . I live second of my sister en lepe . My sister mane is Angela and my mon Eva . My breast twelvenovember the of my sister on novenber . My favorite colour is pink . My favorite sport riding .

  21. Hello teacher AGUSTIN. I’m Delia Tenorio to 2ºC and now I talk about my life. I have two sisters and any brothers; my sisters are called Marina and Irene and I live with my parents and my sisters . I sleep with Irene in my room and Marina sleep along. My hobbies are dancing,singing and ride a bike .This year I singing in the LEPE JUNIOR’S JOKE (“COMPARSA”) and I sing in the the theater in Carnival. My birthday is 15th May and I am 13 years old. My favourite subjects are English and Science and I want to be astronomer for study the stars !

  22. hello i’m Cristina Garijo to 2ºC. I’m 12 years old. I live in Lepe. My birth is on the 12th of November . I live with my mum, my dad, my sister, my 2 brothers and my dog. The names of my family is:my mum Reyes, my dad Siro, my sister Rocio, my brothers Toni and Siro and the name of my dog is Luna. I love animals. My hobbies are play the skate, ride a bike and go horse ridding. I like listening to music. My favorite singer is Lady Gaga, my kind of music is pop. My favorite subjects are Phisical Edication ans English.
    Bye Bye teacher 😀

  23. Hi teacher! my name is Victoria Rodriguez Sanchez of 2ºC. I live in C/Los Olivos Nº135 Lepe (Huelva). My birthday is 15 of September. I have got one brother he is Javier Rodriguez Sanchez. I like volleyball and swiming. I love dog and more animals. Bye,Bye Agustin.

  24. Hi teacher! My name is Maria Perez Dominguez of 2ºC. I live in Lepe (Huelva). My birthday is 19 of August. I have got one brother. He is Manuel Alberto Perez Dominguez. I like volleyball and swiming. I love dog and more animals. My singer favourite is Justin Bieber.
    I like listen to Music.
    bye,bye Agustin 😀

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