Funny TV commercials for descriptions

Hi there. I have selected a bunch of TV commercials to prepare a speaking activity. Here you have them all:

What else? 1, What else? 2What else? 3What else? 4Martini 1Martini 2Martini 3Martini 4, Martini 5Mercedes, Outrageous, Chocolate bar, Moretti beer, Bill Clinton, Dyson, Japp 1, Japp 2Japp 3.

These are the instructions for the descriptions:

– You have to watch and select one video commercial to be described.

– Then you have to either record a video with your description of the commercial, or come to the lesson, ready to perform your description in the class. You have to speak, not to read, O.K.?

That’s all, folks!


One thought on “Funny TV commercials for descriptions

  1. Simply “outrageous”. That’s my favourite one. I’ll not spoil your students’ descriptions. Promise I’ll be quiet.

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