Introducing the blog resources

Dear student,

It’s a fantastic idea to introduce you to the many resources you can find in this blog, provided it’s time for a first test next week. Let’s have a quick look at it.

This is the look the blog shows when you open the first page.

Then, if you go all the way down the right column, you can see different menus with active links for Grammar and Vocabulary, Dictionaries, Speaking and Pronunciation, Listening, etc…

Below these menus, and right between the CAL Students and Newspapers in English menus, there is another one called 2º Bachillerato Students.

Try clicking on any of those links and you will go, alternatively, to the Burlington Books page for Viewpoints 2 Extra Material, another page for Viewpoints Student’s Zone and, finally, an English for B-1 Level webpage, supported by the Spanish MEC.  So this is all you need to start practising for your first test of the year course. Enjoy!


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