2º Bachillerato: Grammar and Vocabulary practice for Unit 3

Try these exercises for the grammar and vocabulary practice on Passive Voice and Shopping:


Brg2 AIO More Practice 3

Brg2 AIO Reinforce 3


You’ll find a plethora of exercises on this page:


And a more complete explanation about Passive Voice on this link:



The IT Crowd

This is one of the best comedy series lately seen on British TV. Set in the London offices of the fictional corporation Reynholm Industries, the show revolves around the three staff members of its IT (Information Technology) department, comprising two geeky technicians, a genius named Moss and the workshy Roy, headed by Jen, the department’s ‘relationship manager’ who knows nothing about IT. With Spanish subtitles.

After claiming she has had “a lot of experience with computers”, Jen is made head of Reynholm Industries IT department, where she is soon proven by Roy and Moss to in fact have no knowledge of IT at all. In this hilarious excerpt, she “meets” Internet. With Spanish subtitles.

2º Bachillerato: Green Energy

Have a look at this:

Green energy

This is a Selectividad Exam and you have to carefully complete only the OPTION A, and the fourteen questions in it, in the same way as if you were in a real test. Remember that you have to follow the instructions on how to write a good essay. And I remind you that it is a compulsory work, so if you don’t hand it in, there will be a zero mark for it. Thank you!

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Queen: We are the champions

We Are the Champions” is a strange ballad written by Freddie Mercury, recorded and performed by the rock band Queen in 1977. It’s one of their most famous and popular songs and it has become since then an anthem for sporting victories, being selected as an official theme song for 1994 FIFA World Cup.

If you want the lyrics, click on the following link: Queen We are the Champions

2º Bachillerato: Selectividad Exams Link

I have added the Selectividad Exams Link in the menu for General Links that you can find on the right sidebar of the blog. There you can see the Selectividad exams archive which goes from 2001 to 2010, not only for the English subject, but for virtually all the subjects you can be tested about. Have a go!

Welcome back to school, my friends

Well, this is it. We’re back to business. Another school year has started and new gates open just in front of our eyes. More than 1.300 students and about 100 teachers at IES La Arboleda are ready to share a new school year which will be full of papers, books, hopes, smiles, laughter, hard work and – hopefully not – some tears. I wish you all the best, teachers and students,  families and school staff, so we can all walk along the same path and get together to the same final destination.